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FS: Fender AVRI '57 Strat 'Blackie'


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The neck date is May 1996. The pocket date is July, I think, but I couldn't make out the year. But 1996 is pretty likely.


The neck has a really nicely aged tint to it. There is a fine surface finish crack along the skunk stripe on the back from the 6th fret to the 12th, about 4 inches long. There is some fret wear in the form of slight grooves in the first few frets and some flattening. I had my tech check it out and he is pretty sure the frets were never dressed. Vintage frets are small to begin with.


The body has typical surface wear: fine scratches and scuffs, with no glaring issues such as chipped spots, or dings into the wood. The original strap buttons were replaced with newer Schaller straplocks (and I have both strap connectors, too). The upper button was put in sloppily with a slightly bent screw and no felt washer. As a result, there is a wee bit of chipped finish under the button. I put some black lacquer on it to seal it, straightened the screw as best I could and installed it with a new felt washer.


The pickups are original. The knobs may not be original. The single ply pickguard is obviously original and seems fine.


The bridge was tightened down with 5 springs. The bridge itself is dirty with some oxidation. Not rusty, but the dull look chrome gets. My guess is that the guy who owned it parked his right hand over the bridge a lot of the time.


The electronics are fine. The original 3-way switch that came on these is long gone, but I say, "good riddance." I found them useless, and believe the 5-way was a great invention. You get combinations AND quack.


The case has some wear on the tan leather areas on the ends, but I didn't notice any rips or tears in the tweed. The original blue plastic is still on at least one of the latches. The trem bar and straplocks are the only accessories that came with it.


$800 shipped in CONUS. Loads of references available.



Louisville, Nebraska

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