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Oxblood Edwards LP


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I had this up on Ebay, but the winning bidder flaked out. Grrrr...


I bought this about a year ago from a Japanese Ebay store. It is based on the guitar Jeff Beck used to play, complete with Gotoh tuners and speed knobs. The finish is meant to be oxblood, but it is a bit more purple than a true oxblood would be. I made the following upgrades: Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers, plecked by Peekamoose in New York City, paper in oil caps.


The neck is nice and thick, but not a baseball bat like some R7's I've played. It weighs just under 8lbs on my bathroom scale. It sounds great. When I took it in to Peekamoose, I plugged it in a played a chord, where upon a tech looked up from his bench and said, "Nice sounding guitar!" He sees guitars all day long, so I appreciated his compliment.














It will ship in a gig back in a sturdy cardboard box designed for shipping guitars.


$650 shipped in the continental USA.


No trades, thanks. I'm looking to cash out.

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Mmm. :love:


I just got one of these with P-90s. I'd sure like to have this one to round out my Edwards collection, but finances forbid.


Also, try taking some pics in sunlight to get a better sense of the color. Looks black in the current pics (still awesome). :)


Good luck man! :thu:

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