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A. S. I. Sustainiac


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If you're checking this out, you know what it is...24 fret, hockey stick headstock, (looks like 80's shredder) sustainer system (probably the best) works flawlessly, floyd, metallic light purple kinda color. 8 out of 10 condidtion, could use a decent set up...but still plays well. Straight neck.

Total controllable feedback at any volume.


Looking to trade for either an sg style guitar, strat, or, I'm open to about anything. BTW, no case included.


If ya have a cell phone, I can send pics.


Lemme know at gbuzz420land @ yahoo


Also, looking for an extra amp.


Locals preferred so we know the real deal, otherwise, I'm straight up and will provide as much info as possible.


Totally into recording,and other instruments ya might just have collecting dust.

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I can put up some pics, but I have for my wife to come home with the camera. I'm kinda computer stupid.


If you haven't seen one, I'll describe it for now, until I get the pics.

If ya send me a cell phone #, I can send pics right now from my phone camera.


Anywa, 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, neck reminds me of a Jackson reverse headstock, mfg floyd rose patent is printed on the whammy, fine tuners on it. I'm not much of a whammy guy, so I couldn't tell ya if the whammy is good or not, but it works. Locks the strings at the nut. Humbucker in the bridge (Not suited to my style of playing...as I like a bit more bite, but not bad) middle single coil, and the sustainer single in the neck.


It has 5 mini toggle switches. 1 for each pup, 1 3 position switch for selecting which harmonic to emphasize, and 1 for an on/off for the sustainer...I believe. It takes 2 9 volt batteries in the back cavity and has some different options you can change back there regarding oscillation, and decay stuff I believe.


The sustainer is really cool, I mean, infinite sustain, and the feedback (controllable) is a blast, but as I said, I'm looki for something different that I can use right now to get more of a strat sound, as well as looki for an SG sound. My Les Paul is my main axe, but for recording, I like alot of different flavors.


BTW, it's shaped like the jacksons and charvels of the 80's, and I think it was made in around 88, but not absolutely sure as I haven't taken her apart.


I've read some reviews here and there, but I haven't found any pics on the net either.


BTW, my cell is 419 203 4684 Peace

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