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FT: American Strat HSS (50th. Ann.), C-1 Classic, Pedals, Vox AD30VT, etc.


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Alright, after a LOT of thinking, I've decided that I want to change my setup a fair bit.


LOOKING FOR: Explorers, guitars with EMGs, some form of shredder, Les Pauls, high gain heads or combos.





Schecter C-1 Classic with Coffincase HSC

I had it in its own thread. Great guitar, I just don't give it any attention. Very good shape, bought from new less than a year ago. Plays great, great setup, nothing but maybe a few hairline scratches from an errant strum or two.





2004 American 50th Anniversary HSS Strat in Chrome Silver (think that's the color) w/ SKB Hardcase - TRADE PENDING

The Strat is in good shape, one tiny mark to the paint in the body contour (not sure what it's officially called) and the pickguard has scratches that you can see in the right light. Had 'em when I bought it. Overall, very good shape. Plays great, feels great, I just don't play it as much as it deserves.


It has the 50th Anniversary neckplate. Needs a trem balance. It's always needed the balance but I don't really use the trem so I've never had it done.



Orange spot is just the light overhead.






Also have:


Pocket POD, great shape, have usb cable.


MXR EVH Phase 90

Boss DS-1

Boss SD-1

Dunlop Crybaby Classic w/ Fasel


Also may trade my AD30VT if it makes something good happen.


Pedals/pod should serve well to sweeten a deal if necessary. Also have a MicroBR if someone needs it to make something happen. Have box/manual/everything.


Really, I just want to change things up a fair bit. I bought a lot of this stuff without really knowing what I wanted so well and now that I have a bit better idea, it's time to make things happen.

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