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Brand New Crate Palomino V32 Class A Tube Amp!!

Dr. Scottie C

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$425 Shipped!!!


This is the last USA made V32 Palomino Amp that my local Guitar Center had.

This was in the storage room, never on display.

This amp is 30 watts of Class A Power.

2 Channel Clean & Overdrive

Awesome Reverb

These USA made V32's will soon be hard to find (As the Vietnam made ones start pouring in)

This 1x12 wonder is pure tube.... you'll sell off your other amps!

Check Youtube here below to get an idea of what this amp can do.....



Condition: Only taken out of the factory box for photos, and plugged in for 5 minutes to test. It's perfect. Will be packaged back up how it came from the factory.









$425 Shipped to your door!!!




You pay today, I ship today. Pay pal only. USA Buyers in the Lower 48 States Only.

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C'mon guys.... a 32V Palomino New in Box for $425 shipped???


This was the most back ordered USA made guitar amp in 2005 & 2006....


Have you heard these things?? It literally is the sound you've probably been hearing in your head.


If you are into blues or classic rock, it gets no better than this.

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My partial trade offer still stands on the Agile AL2000 with JB's plus cash. I will be driving through Lima on Sunday early evening. I would just buy it if I didn't just buy a strat.


I'll think about it.... I would probably be more interested in the strat.:thu:

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I'll think about it.... I would probably be more interested in the strat.


I don't even have the strat yet. It's a MIM but it has a flame top. 60th anny/limited/special edition kind of thing. It's not on the block though! I have a V3112 that I like alot and whoever buys your amp is getting a good deal so good luck. I can't believe that it's still avail actually.


I did just realize that the guitar is about 30 minutes North of where I am at now and I am going to Dayton straight from here so it would be difficult for me to bring it with me anyways. Who knows though, I get down to Dayton at least every two weeks.

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Damn that sounds good. Must not give in to temptation.



C'mon dude...you know you have to have something you could unload to justify the purchase of this!!!


I cannot believe no one has jumped all over this at $425 shipped.... the mom and pop stores are having a hard time getting the Vietnam ones.... and this USA one, still new in the package would create a fist fight at the nearest Guitar Center.


I am off today...anyone who pays for this right now....will have a tracking number within 2 hours....Anyone who pays right now will have this shipped today!!!


Nothing beats the smell of a new tube amp!!

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