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For Trade-Jackson DK2M and Valveking VK112


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For trade:


2007 Jackson DK2M in Inferno Red: Licensed floyd rose trem, Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo and maple fretboard. Two months old, and just like new. I'll get any photos you'd like, but in the meantime it looks like this:


And here are the specs:



A fantastic guitar, but I'm simply unable to bond with the 1 11/16" nut, and I'm not crazy about a floyd. Sounds and plays just like a high end MIJ guitar should, though.


Peavey Valveking VK112-

Only about three hours (if that) of playing time on a two or three month old amp. Just like new, because I can never play it. :( I'm going to have to admit that with the schedules my wife and I work, modellers at VERY low volume are the only hope.


Again, I'll get any pix you'd like. In the meantime, it looks like this:


And the specs:


Would like to trade one or both for MIJ Ibanez, Charvel, a nice tele or strat or whatever? I'd be glad to answer any questions or take any photos you'd like, and would be glad to consider any and all trade suggestions.

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Yeah, sorry. I was looking for one with a 12" speaker; is that the 50?

So no-go on my Roland Cube 30 10"--must be a 12"? I read that someone modded it for a 12"....

I do have a MIM 1993 teal Strat that must have upgraded pups 'cause even emg's in my other strat don't crunch like those. (And the pickguard is slightly misfitted.) Some paint- and fret-wear. Have new HS case too. Love the thing though. :cry:

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