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For Sale---American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster


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For sale is my aged cherry burst AmDlx Ash strat and orginal case.


The serial number says 2003 but it has the S-1 system and Samarium Cobalt pickups that came out in '04 so it must have been made right at the transition of the model. It is stock with no alterations.


It has a beauty of a two piece ash body with the sculptured neck heel. Maple neck with dark rosewood board, ablone dots and Sperzel locking tuners.


Condition is excellent. There is a small bump on the back of the neck near the headstock that does not break the finish. It does not bother play and could be sanded out easily. The body might have some polishing swirls but that's about it. Trem arm included.

The case handle had a crack on one end when I got it. I glued it and it seems to be holding up fine.

The neck is straight, action low with frets in great shape.

No issues, sounds and plays great.


Why am I selling...simple gas. I'm thinking of saving up for the new EJ Rosewood coming this summer and want the get the fund started

or who knows.

I might trade but it would have to the just the right thing


$850 shipped and PayPal'd ower 48. Street price new is $1349

I pride myself on fast shipping and an honest description.

Please ask any and all questions up front.

Perfect e-bay feedback under the name jazznrock









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I have the EXACT same guitar for sale.

Aged Cherry Sunburst Rosewood Fretboard.


MINT condition 2007 model. Owned for less than a year, played in my office about 15 times. NO smoking household. Just as new. With strap, strap locks, tremolo bar and hang tags too.


Realized I just don't have the time nor chances to utilize an electric guitar.

I am staying acoustic.


This will ship in the case and original box for $950.00


I bought this new as a special order. I was told it may have a loose wire that needs to be suitably re-connected. I guess this happens pretty often on new guitars from the factory. I have gotten some quiet pops and clicks from the strings. Never a big deal for me. This has 100% no bearing on my selling this guitar. I love the guitar. Great finish and feel. I just NEVER touch the thing. It was a purchase that was ultimately a bad choice for my needs.


I also splurged and bought a BOSS DD-20 and Line 6 Verbzilla, thinking I was going to really have some fun. I never touch them either...no time.


Boss DD-20 $180.00 shipped (misplaced box - mint shape)

Line 6 Verbzilla $100.00 shipped (mint in box)


Pictures of all on request. All items are in new condition.


I would love to keep this beauty, but I hate to let it sit around forever, unused.


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