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FS/FT - Black FLAME beautiful PRS C24 knockoff - 290$


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This is a repost because other trade fell through and now I want to start taking cash offers since no one around here seems to have a g-400 to trade :confused:



I'm looking for 270, I welcome any and all trade offers. Paypal or money orders are fine.


I got this guitar about a year ago for free from Kurt over at rondo as a gift for doing some services for his website... I haven't been able to get into the way it looks or feels because I'm just not interested in the prs or super strat ideal...


I live in southern california, about an hour away from Los Angeles if anyone is interested for local pickup purposes or for shipping estimates.

I've done three deals on here without any problems and sold dozens of items on amazon, here's my amazon feedback page:


I'll also give a house and work phone number + my address. I expect the same from you if we are trading.



-About the guitar-

The guitar has a mahogany body, with a figured flame maple top (3/4 inch), a maple neck, and ebony fretboard. The frets are hand filed and the electronics are very good, the back plate is shielded.

It has a bone nut and weighs about 9 pounds. The model is PS-924we, it costs about 370 + s/h and tax on Rondo.


Right now there's a dimarzio X2n in the bridge, I will ship original pickups with the guitar for free (I have no use for them and they are high quality anyway, so why not?)



Truss rod cover is missing right now, I'll definitely find it later and put it back on.

When it came from Rondo, there was a chip around the strap button at the bottom of the guitar (I made a post about it when I received the guitar last year.) There's a pic below to show what this looks like if you are wondering whether or not your strap would cover this, etc.




It's a beautiful guitar guys, but I just don't like tremelos or this shape of body. I like hardtails better because they are easier to play and I don't use the whammy bar anyway.

















Large Body Pic from day I got the guitar

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