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Fernandes Elite series Vertigo


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Ok right off the bat I'm NOT selling this guitar.

I found what I believe is a GREAT deal from a local vintage music shop here in town that I frequent. In the back they have a bit rough (few nicks) Fernandes Vertigo Elite series w/ a metallic Green finish (headstock is finished natural) for sale. They bought a guitar shop out a couple weeks back and pretty hastily slapped some prices on there I think. It's listed at 299 and you could probably work them down to 250 ish perhaps less. Guitar sells for about 1000 new so it would be worth looking into if it's what you are looking for.

I have the serial number but not sure of the date on the thing. I'll even take some pics of it if you're interested. AND lastly I in know way work for this shop at all, I just go in there constantly.

PM if you want some more info.


OH yeah there is a guy in Detroit that posted a Mesa Dual Rect Head and 4x12 cab for 600 cash pick up yesterday.


Just looking out for other nice deals.:p

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