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URGENT EMERGENCY FS: Kramer, Zion, Charvel parts, OFR saddles


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NEED to sell one or both ASAP, like RIGHT {censored}ING NOW...just saw that when i sent in my rent check, it bounced :wallbash: if i don't get the money to them, i'll run the risk of getting myself and my roommates kicked out of our apartment, and i CAN NOT let that happen.




1. Kramer Striker 7-string, SOLD



2. Zion Radicaster: SOLD


3. Gotoh/Charvel tuners, chrome (make an offer)


4. Charvel CX692 neck (some visible fretwear, but doesn't seem to affect playability) ($50 incl. Gotoh/Charvel tuners and neck plate/screws)

5. Charvel CX692 body (bass side bridge post hole filled and re-drilled/moved to accomodate Gotoh lic. Floyd, original bridge rout is not Floyd, so it would be basically non-recessed) ($30 obo)









6. 7 black brand new OFR saddles $15 each. 2x #2 (low), 2x #1 (medium), 3x #0 (high). these are from a brand new black OFR7 that has never been installed on a guitar, i'm only selling them because i replaced them with chrome.




please PM for info.

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