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Travis Bean TB1000S Repro Bailey Customs!!


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I am selling a Travis Bean 1000S repro. crafted by Greg Bailey! This guitar features an original Travis Bean Koa 1000S body. Greg machined the neck, bridge, pickguard, control cavity cover, and pickup covers. The bridge was fabricated out of a solid block of steel (not bent or pot metal). The pickup covers (aluminum) are cut from a solid block as well.


Pickups in this guitar are a Seymour Duncan Custom 5/ '59 hybrid (bridge) and a Stew Mac Golden Age A5 humbucker (neck). The covers will accept any humbucker, but you may need Greg to fashion a new baseplate (mounts from the bottom). Pickups are wax-potted in to the covers and easily removable. These pickups sounds excellent in this guitar. The fretboard is phenolic and the nut is brass.


This is a high-quality copy and tolerances are tight.


If you are looking for a Travis Bean and can't afford to fork out 4,000+ dollars this is the guitar for you. Please email me with any questions. I have some more pictures if needed.





I have lowered the price to 1750 shipped! My email is seantseaton@gmail.com.

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