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FS: Fender Custom '54 Strat pickups -- neck and middle


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Selling a pair of Fender Custom '54 Stratocaster pickups from the Fender Custom Shop. One is the neck pickup, and the other is the middle pickup. Fender's specs:


- Staggered, hand beveled, Alnico 5 magnets

- Formvar magnet wire wound for classic bell tones and clear harmonic enhancement

- DC resistance = 5.9k

- Inductance = 2.4 Henries

- Per the 1954 specs, middle pickup is not RWRP


These pickups came directly out of one of my Strats. Remaining wire lengths are as follows:


Neck: 6.5 inches black and 8.75 inches white

Middle: 4.25 inches black and 5.75 inches white




**I can take paypal as long as the funds are sent from a bank account or paypal balance.





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