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Final attempt to get rid of totally unused gear. I won't be taking any trades this time because I have entirely too much stuff crowding up my gear room.


I have prices listed that I think are fair, but if I am off please let me know.

Also, feel free to make offers, just no insults.


I have lots of references here and eBay (all 100%) so feel free to ask all questions neccesary... And now the gear...


Epiphone Valve jr, head - $100 + shipping


Epiphone G-400 SG w/ Seth Lover in the bridge and hardshell case - $200+


Yamaha Mike Stern Tele w/ Duncans - $200 +


Peavey Tracer (USA) White - $125 +


Peavey Tracer (USA) Blue - $100 +


Peavey Tracer (USA) STARS (refin) - $75 +


Daisy Rock Stardust Retro H w/ TonePros and Grovers - $100+


Parts Tele (Warmoth, StewMac, Duncan) Custom PIRATE THEMED PAINT JOB - $200+ SOLD


Vox AD50VT 1x12 Combo - $200+


Marshall MG412A 4x12 cab - $250+


EMG 81(quick connect) - $50+


Seymour Duncan SH-4 - $50+



As usual, photos will be up shortly... I'm a guitar tech, not a computer genius...:freak::freak::freak:



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Would you do a partial trade for that starry Tracer?



I told myself no trades, but what are you thinking???

This guitar is probably the only thing I'll take a trade on because I got lazy half way through... The paint is incomplete (the back...) and I haven't wired it back up yet.

But it WILL be rewired before it ships out.


Let me know...

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