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Squier strat parts with EMG SAs


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1998 Squier Strat body and neck loaded with EMG SA pickups and electronics. The pickups are about four years old, but haven't seen a ton of use. They sound amazing. I took the guitar apart with the intention of pretty much redoing everything (hardware, tuners, possibly neck), but I never had the time or money to finish the project.


The body is really beaten up, but it makes for a pretty cool "relic" look. Neck has a nice feel for a Squier.


The pickups alone cost $200 new, I'll let go of the whole thing for $200 or possibly even less (make an offer). This set will get you half way on your way to an awesome and completely unique strat.










I can post more pics if people would like. This item is also up on eBay with a buy-it-now, so it could be gone anytime.

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