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3 guitars for sale: gibson les paul, custom telecaster, and an ibanez


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I have to many guitars and these just don't get played enough and I need the money and am trying to get a carvin v3 so here they are.


Gibson Les Paul Studio with many upgrades:

It is a 2005 Gibson Les Paul studio classic white this was before they started chambering the bodies. It has an ebony fingerboard. There is a bit of buckle wear on the back that you can see if you hold it up to a light and in a some places the finish is a little darker not noticeable at all if your standing away from it. It has new tuners on it and above each one there is a hole from the old one only noticeable if your playing it. I installed a new pickguard on it that I thought looked better than the old one. I will include the old pickguard, the electronics mounting plate and what's left of the electronics a box from the emg 81, and the gibson locking case.

Here's a list of all the upgrades cost new and link with descriptions of each one.

Gibson Les Paul classic white chrome hardware $1,319 (this one has an ebony fingerboard these are a bit harder to find)


Gibson Tailpiece TP-6 $60


EMG 81 $99


EMG 85 $99


Grover tuners $50


total cost is $1,627 I'm selling it for $900.











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the second guitar is a custom telecaster:

walnut body, quilted maple top, fender usa tuners, fender usa string trees, fender usa ferrules, wilkinson bridge, emg t-set, corian nut, 1 piece 22 fret maple neck with a satin finish, and oversizes strap buttons so your strap won't fall off.

I put it together myself I bought the body with some of the other parts never used and the clear finish on the body was really bad so I had it refinished and it looks great now. While having it refinished I decided to have the corners rounded over to 1/4 inch instead of the standard 1/8" it is much more comfortable to play now.

I am asking $400 for this

pics tomorrow

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hey, Im interested-

are these the discoloration marks?

they look like black mark/smudges?...is that what they are or can you decribe them more?



yes those are them. I'm really not sure what they are, I tried to polish them out but it didn't do anything, a previous owner might have tried to buff the guitar and buffed into the primer.

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You still have the 498 Gibson bridge pup?

The Ebony fretboards come exclusively on one of the White Studio's. Not sure which one, Gibson has two different color Whites. But you could buy a Studio [white] with a Ebony board any day of the week NEW! Regardless they are nice boards.

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