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FS: 27 GUITARS... Les Paul, Fender, Ibanez, BC rich, washburn, Dean, Schecter, etc


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Ok, so you've heard it before. Thining the herd. Im not looking for trades at the moment but if you have one PM me. These guitars will go on ebay if they dont sell in a week or 2. All prices negotiable.


only trades im looking for are Ibanez xiphos and vblade, or TUBE AMPS, HEads, combos, or GOOD cabinets.





-Add $5 to shipping if west of the Mississippi river.


-Add 3% for Paypal fees if you choose Paypal as payment.



1)Electra Les Paul Custom-$450

2)Ibanez RGT 42-$400

3)Schecter c1 Elite-$450

4)Dean Dime Razorback-$775

5)Ibanez SRX400-$275

6)80's Ibanez SR640ti-$475

7)Fernandez revolver X-$250 PENDING

8)Peavey tracer with khaler-$130

9)Dillon 7 string-$150 PENDING

10)Ibanez talman artcore-$240

11)Washburn KC40v-$130

12)Fender Highway 1 strat-$600


14)Washburn bt10-$375

15)BC rich Mocking bird NJ classic-$500

16)Kramer striker-$250

17)Ibanez rvx220dx-$220PENDING

18)BC rich IronBird-$375

19)zz Ryder ME3 empire-$150

20)Bc Rich ps-1-$80

21)Fender dg85 acoustic-$115

22)Applause Ae 28-$175

23)Ibanez Gio gsr200-$175

24)Samick smbx-1fcs-$375

25)Washburn 5 string force ABT-$350

26)Indiana P bass-$100

27)Fender squier pbass-$100

28)ESP LTD EC-1000-$700 Shipped



1)I have a 70's Lawsuit electra Les Paul Custom. im looking to get $450. seeing as its in excellent condition for its age .has 2 cracks in the finish from age and besides that maybe 2 little blems on the back. it comes in the ohsc.



2)Next up is an Ibanez RGT42. Neck through in Black Pearl Finish. Mint condition except for some of the cosmo black is rubbing off a little of the trem. Looking for $400 OBO.




3) Schecter c1 elite in amber finish. Mint condition, all access setneck joint, coiltapped duncan design pick ups. Really nice. Looking for $450



4) Next guitar is a dean dime V razor back. bought new in January. Its a sweet guitar, sounds good, has an excellent trem. Im more of a traditionalist(shape wise) and got this in a trade. Its mint and comes with the original hardcase. Im looking for $775



5)Ibanez SRX400, cool bass, matte finish, a few blems, plays great and the cosmo black is fading on the bridge. $275



6)80's Ibanez SR640ti, plays great has one small chip by the neck pickup and neck. Plays great, sounds great, the pots are a littele scratchy. Looking for $475



7) Near mint condition.The Guitar HAs been played VERY lightly and then kept in a case. Still has plastic on the back plate. 1 little ding by armrest on the side. cant photograph it. Asking $250



8)Peavey tracer with khaler.Has some wear, tip tip of the headstock was repaired, nice repair, affects NOTHING.$130 obo.



9)Dillon 7 string, RG style. great condition. $150 obo.



10)Ibanez talman artcore, great condition, few lite scratches on the back. $240 Obo.



11)washburn kc40v. used but plays great, few chips. $130 obo



12) Brand new fender highway one strat. I bought it in november and have played a total of 15-20 minutes. Mint. $600



13)Fender 69 telecaster reissue. this guitar has its share of playing time. It has buckle rash, 1 or 2 minor dings ,and a nice chunk of poly and a tad bit of wood taken out by the output jack on the back. It has a Dimarzio hot rail in the bridge. $225. None of the damage affects anything.



14)Washburn BT 10 in a blue flame top. Has GFS PAF pick ups and a floyd rose, its a really nice guitar in amazing condition. I have a wolfang and another back up BT10. This ones in the best condition and i dont really need all 3 so this one goes. comes with the original pick ups aswell. $375.


15)Next guitar is a BC rich NJ classic neck thru mocking bird. It has a red flame top, EMGs, Floyrose. This guitar is a beast. It has 1 or 2 dings, and another strap button as added for better balance. Really cool guitar. $500



16)Kramer striker in white with dimarzio evolution in the bridge and an airnorton in the neck. this guitar is sweet. Maybe 1 or 2 little blems. in this icture its the white guitar to the left $250



17)This ibanez is a pretty out of the ordinary guitar. this is one of the guitars that is a plast to play. RVX220dx. It has 1 blem on the side that wassmoothed out and had touch up paint. about the size of a finger tip. $220.



18)BC Rich Platinum series Iron bird, awesome condition with a (non faded) snake scale finish. 2 really nice high out put pick ups and a locking trem. $375.



19)ZZ ryder ME 3, cool guitar, has a headtock plate for better sustain, and H-S-H set up with quad rails. fun guitar to play. $150



20)BC Rich ps-1 in a faded snake skin finish, been played and has some wear, a but or oxidation and needs a few screws. $80



21)Fender dg85 NAT acoustic. Has a gig bag, good beater or beginner acoustic. 1 or 2 minor blems. $115



22)Ovation Applause AE28, the pick guard has some scratches, besides that maybe 2 dings, nothing major. comes in a hardcase(fitted($130 for he case on MF) Im asking $175



23)Ibanez GSR200Fm. It has a nice flamed tabacco burst. I plugged it in to make sure it worked and then put it in a case for the length of its life. I dont know why i have it, and kinda forgot i did. $175


24)Beautiful Samick SMBX-1fcs, Has a HOT flame cherry top, Birds Eye maple neck, bound rosewood fretboard, active/passive pickups(pull the tone pot and turn the actives to passives. This Bass is hot. $375



25)Washburn 5 string force abt, This blass plays great, in an antique white finish, active pick ups. Ive never really played this either. whne i did it ws nice. $350



26) Indiana p bass, Pretty simple Bass. a good starter another one i never play. in good condition $100.

27)Fender squier pbass in a deep blue finish. Has a few blems, the things in the picture are glare. $100.


28) ESP LTD Ec-1000 in seethru green. looks, play and sounds great. I need to sell $700 shipped.


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dude, have you found "the guitar" yet?



hehe, ive found alot. im just getting rid of stuff we dont need. have a few we really like and have been here for a while.These arent guitars ive been trying out, its stuff weve had that we just no longer need to keep. honestly, I kinda know what "The guitar is" i jsut need to build it. I have found alot of stuff i really like, but im a seller/ trader and cant help it. im addicted to switching it up.

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