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Roland Microcube, Pocket Pod, Hughes Kettner- ETC Sale


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Hey guys, here are a variety of things I do not need to keep anymore. All prices are without shipping, I'll give you a quote for shipping if requested, friend works at an authorized UPS/FedEX shipper so I get their discounts.


sold85$ Pocket Pod, perfect condition practically and cosmetically, with usb cable and instructions.


sold80$ Roland Microcube, same condition as pocket pod, no instructions, includes power cord. This is a little over a year old.


60$ Unopened, sealed in box and brand new Grado Headphones - I bought two pairs a few months ago and only needed one. This is the SR60 model; They are amazingly high quality and super comfortable. Just look at any tone-snob's review, google this brand and model.


120$ 2 month old Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 15r, has an 8" Celestion Speaker. It's in mint condition, completely.


10$ each (shipping on me) Al-2000 (Agile/Rondomusic) stock pickups with chrome covers.


30$ (shipping on me) Dimarzio X2n, It's Cream colored and pretty old, but works like normal. Hot pickup.









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