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I have 3 guitars on the block:


1) Harmony Acoustic - mahogany, nice full sound, autographed by Clint Black (for what it's worth - there's another autograph but i forget who it was) - $200 plus shipping.




2) Series 10 Electric - was refinished and stained light brown, nothing special, i think it may have the electronics and pickup's - either/or - $95 plus shipping.




3) USAGC - 5150 project - with all the hardware/wiring intact plus a REAL Schaller chrome Floyd Rose (!!!NO PICKUP INCLUDED!!!) - This guitar is quality as far as all the seperate components go. The body is a two piece alder, neck is quarter sawn maple unfinished with jumbo frets and the skunk stripe - tuners are Schaller mini's - all switchcraft jacks. This one would be $500 plus shipping, but if you don't want the Floyd Rose i'd knock it down to $300 plus shipping.





4) Real Schaller Floyd Rose R2 - Chrome. - $200 shipped and paypalled. - refer to above pics.


PM me if your interested.

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