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FT: Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 EMGs and Killswitch


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Im looking to sell (was a trade but i got what i wanted now i just need to sell it) my Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty (has 3 emgs can remember which models) and a killswitch installed. I still have all tone and volume knobs intact except one of the volume knobs sits inside the body (since i didnt want to drill a fifth hole to contain the killswitch).



the switch can be easily removed and tone knob can be easily screwed back into the body.


Cosmetically it is an 9/10 (there is a tiny nick/scratch right near where the kill switch is. Other than that the neck and rest of body are in excellent condition (the guy that owned it before me was the original owner had it for about 5 years bought brand new and kept it in immaculate condition) well until i decided i wanted to put a killswitch in it and put the tiny nick on it.




I have excellent rep on Vintagesynth.com under xibalba (done trades and sales).


99.7 positive feedback on ebay. under Jehutyada


this is the only pic i have right now


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