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Fender Highway 1 stratocaster


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Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster


Newer model (07) featuring jumbo frets, 70s style headstock, greasebucket circuit, hotter pickups, and nitro finish.




Excellent condition! Purchased last october, made last August.


All stock, except for aged plastics set to give it a vintage look, original set included too!


Comes with everything it originally came with:


deluxe gig bag

tremolo bar

manuals and tags

original sales receipt from sam ash

allen wrench


$450. +$45 for shipping. Or if possible, you can do a local pickup and cut out shipping. It's located in southern california.

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I have a question as I don't know much about strats... what are the differences between american standard strats and these highway strats?



The pickups are hotter on these, the highway 1 has the larger CBS era headstock, it has a nitro finish, which has a nice smooth feel and resonates better, the frets are jumbo instead of standard size, and the greasebucket circuit means that the tone control is more useable and doesnt make the tone too bassy and muffled when you turn down the tone knob on most other strats.


I used to own a standard american strat, but sold it and got the highway 1, because I loved the features more. Especially the jumbo frets, it made bending notes much easier and enjoyable. I'm only selling it because I have a $600 air conditioning repair bill to pay with summer coming up!


If you live near a guitar center or sam ash, i'd try both the highway 1 and american standard, and see which one you like the most. The highway 1's electronics and hardware is MIM, which is why it's several hundred less than the standard american strat. But the body and neck is MIA and is assembled here.

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