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FS: Pre-Factory PRS EG II $999

Turk 182

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FS: 1992 PRS EGII with OHSC. Alder body, gold color. H-S-H configuration with coil taps on both humbuckers controlled by a push/pull tone knob. 5-way pickup selector like a strat. 22 fret rosewood fretboard with a Bolt-on Wide-Thin Neck profile. 25" scale. Locking Tuners.


This guitar has been discontinued by PRS for several years. Supposedly, when asked why they stopped making these, Paul Reed Smith said it was because they "were loosing money on every guitar." The EG was made to be more of a strat-like guitar than the other PRS guitars, and I would say tonewise, it is certainly more to the strat side of the spectrum as compared to the other PRS guitars I've played, which are more LP-like. It still has all the playability of a PRS, though.


I've included pictures of what dings the body has, most of which are luckily along the sides of the guitar rather than on the front or the back.


-it is missing the trem cover on the back and the tremolo bar

-there appears to be a small crack inside the tone knob. It works fine, but I guess it was from being push/pulled on. It's tiny, but I did the best I could to get a pic.

-there are two hairline cracks in the paint going diagonally outward from the corner of the neck joint. They are each a little under an inch long. They are only in the paint as pictured and the neck joint is very firm in the pocket.


$899 (price reduced) Paypaled and shipped. I would rather sell the guitar outright, but feel free to offer trades...

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