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Ibanez JS100 Joe Satriani Gtr.


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Pic 1: http://images.craigslist.org/01021101161201040820080513e9c2fd73a1fd47a4550009e2.jpg

Pic 2: http://images.craigslist.org/011505011608010403200805130a7e7f061059d29776008e74.jpg

Pic 3: http://images.craigslist.org/01010001150301160220080513f5017f13a07b213ada00b002.jpg

Pic 4: http://images.craigslist.org/010212011607010300200805138874581eb266a728e6002260.jpg

This is one of the most beautiful and best sounding guitars you will ever play.

If you've ever heard a Joe Satriani CD, you already know this guitar screams.

But you don't have to be a rock guitar hero to enjoy this guitar, it sounds

just as good clean as it does with distortion - it's probably the one guitar I

have that can cover hard rock, blues, jazz and country with a few knob twists. That's thanks to the coil-tapped pickups (the tone knob is a push-pull knob in addition to rotating 360 degrees, so you can pull it up for Strat and Tele sounds but push it back down for humbucker sounds). The curvy shape and red finish grab people's attention - this guitar looks GREAT onstage. I bought an Ibanez hardcase for it, so it's been well protected and is in excellent condition. Never dropped, abused, beat up or scratched - just babied and polished and regularly maintained by a pro guitar tech. This was an expensive guitar but I'm not looking to squeeze every last dollar of value out of it - I'm open minded on trades, so hit me up with what type of guitar you've got to trade and we can talk. Or if you want to pay cash, it's $399 shipped (if you're here in GA I'll let it go for $350 cash). If you're looking to trade, I'm partial to Fender Strats and ESP EC-1000s as well as ESP George Lynch models. You can type in "Ibanez JS100" at Guitar Center's website to get all the technical specs, I'm not a techie just an axe slinger :) Hit me up and let's talk. My email is: fenderfan2003@yahoo.com

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