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Vintage 1969 Les Paul GT For Sale with OHSC


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Looks like I have to move a few things again after the news I got today...I had about $10k in collectible lures I had bought when I got into it around 9/11 and of course I was buying high at that time...


I consigned my collection to a national auction house after MANY attempts to sell all over the place on my own.....the lure market is DEAD..worse than guitars but it had to be done...I finally got my check after the house telling me the lure market was better than expected.....ONLY $0.23 on the dollare..that's right only $2,300 I got back i took the proverbial bath!!


I am putting up my awesome 1969' GT Deluxe...with original marigold case... $11.5k or reasonable offer..as you know I collect Ex stuff and it has been verified 100% original and authentic down to every screw...


1969 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top: 1969 LES PAUL DELUXE. In very, very lightly played EXCELLENT condition! It is 100% original down to every screw

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