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Open to trades for set neck and neck through floyd Rose equipped guitars like a Schecter Hellraiser. Let me know what you got I might bite. Want to buy a Gragh Tech Floyd rose That is why I am looking for a floyd rose guitar that plays like as close to a les paul as possible.




I have a like new Ibanez RG4EXQM1 . I got this in trade from this auction. It was new when they shiped it to me but I took it out of the box for two hours to tune and show to my brother so that he could buy it but he wants me to give it to him. I will sell it for 405 shipped in the USA. Heres a link to the auction but if needed I will unpack it again and take some pictures.



Peavey Tracer with EMG SLV and 85. Kahler bridge and a 24 3/4" scale. Previous owner painted the back of the body black and was not done very well but makes a super beater guitar. 225 shipped in the USA or 165 with some other pickups in it.



video of me playing it through Carvin power and pre amp



Used less than a month set of Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine pickups with all pots and wiring. 130 shipped in the USA.

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Dean EVO Premium made in Czeck replublic. Needs a new nut and I will include the original stop bar and bridge along with the Elitist stuff on it now. Has Schaller hardware and Seymour Duncan pearly Gates pickups with push pull coil taps. Great guitar just needs a new nut for the light strings on it now. Came with a heavier guage and no buzz but now buzzes on the open B string and that is all. 500 shipped in the USA.

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For all you guys out there that want a "real" Les Paul but can't afford one, here it is! The Dean EVO Premium is as close to a Les Paul Custom as you'll get without spending $2K, and I can personally vouch for their superior quality and craftsmanship. Why this one is for sale I don't know, but it'd be mine if I had the cash I promise you. Check the pic of the full maple cap on this guitar, there's no veneer in sight. Here's a pic of my green one as well as a link to a review for them. Someone buy this!



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