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I have several catalogs and price sheets for sale. Email me with offers. metalmafia04@aol.com. Here is a list:


BC Rich 2008 cat Kerry King on ft

BC Rich 2000 import DLR price sheet

Charvel 1991 CX series 1 page cat all guitars on ft specs on back

Charvel 1989 6 page cat silver charvel leaning on jackson 1/2 stack

Charvel 1989 Alex Masi foldout cat/poster

Charvel 1988 april 1st DLR price list charvel headstock on ft fold out

Charvette 1989 mini 4 page catalog blue w/guitar on ft

Charvel,charvette,Jackson,Jackson custom shop 1991 Jan DLR price book

Charvette 1989 DLR price sheet

Charvel 1989 jan 20 DLR price sheet

Charvel 1991 CX DLR price sheet

Charvel dlr 1988 fold out catalog

Charvel Dealer letter from IMC about new models and ads

ESP 1987 DLR price book Bruce Kulick on cover

ESP traditional series DLR mini catalog 1987 strats on ft

ESP George Lynch poster with his models and cat pics on other side all custom painted models inside

ESP DLR Mini catalog open to top w/Teles on ft. about 84 or 85

ESP DLR Flyer MII Horizon and M III 1987

ESP Price and DLR spec sheet 1984 Ron Wood playing strat on cover

ESP Traditinal series 2 pg DLR flyer Fender copys with specs and parts bodys on bk 1986

ESP DLR cat 1986 Firebird and eclipse inside

ESP DLR flyer eclipse M1 basses 1986

ESP DLR cat 1987 Firebird/tele shredders on cover

ESP DLR flyer 1987 Teles strats p basses on ft specs on bk

ESP 1983 replacement parts guide and retail price list lots of diagrams

ESP 1984 DLR cat Black/white cover color guitars inside printed in japan

ESP 1992 cat cover cut.

ESP 1983 DLR cat blk/white tele on cover

ESP 1983 DLR replacement parts guide and retail price list

ESP 1982? DLR 4 pg cat blk/white trad. guitars, strat w/gig bag on cover

ESP DLR price sheet june 1 1984

ESP DLR orderform mid 80's no date

ESP DLR 600 series cat blk/wht 1983

ESP DLR parts cat and price sheet 6/1/85 bodies and headstock shapes pickups ect.

ESP DLR price sheet jan 1 1988

ESP DLR order form 1986

ESP DLR price sheet 1986

ESP DLR price sheet may 1 1983

ESP DLR parts price sheet may 1 1983

ESP DLR parts price sheet 1989

ESP sales reps and territories sheet 1989

ESP DLR price sheet and spec sheets 1989 jan 1

ESP DLR price sheet jan 1 1990

ESP price sheets jan 1991

Jackson electronics users manual small cat san dimas adress grover jackson inc.

Jackson Tube amp catalog with prices small trifold 1989

Jackson/Charvel cat 1986

Jackson/charvel cat 1984

Jackson/charvel jan 1989 price sheets

Jackson electronics full size cat 1985

Ferrington guitars flyer (after kramer closed) ruff condition 1992

Ferrington guitars dealer letter informing they are back in bussiness 1992

Ferrington guitars dlr price and spec sheet 1992

Kramer catalog 1986

Kramer DLR price cat 1986

Kramer american series cat 1987

Kramer floyd rose sustainer flyer 1988

Kramer 100 series 1988 cat

Kramer spector product profile flyer 1989

Kramer ferrington flyer 1988

Kramer american showster flyer 1988

Kramer nightswan flyer 19??

Kramer forum basses flyer 1988

Kramer stagemaster cat1988

Kramer striker cat 1987

Kramer accessories cat 1988

Kramer Ritchie Sambora flyer 19??

Kramer great white wireless flyer 19??

Kramer spector bass catalog 1987

Kramer american series 1987

Kramer 100 series flyer 1988

Kramer locking nut namm flyer blk/white 1984?

Kramer namm specials anf price sheets 1984

Kramer dlr price sheets jan 1989

Kramer dlr price sheets june 1989

Kramer xl series spec sheet

Kramer dlr price sheet nov 1987

Kramer dlr letter explaining kramer going into artist mgmt and about goky park

St blues catalog 1984

St blues dlr price sheet 1984

St bluesnewsletter 1984

PRS 2007 cat

PRS accessory brochure

Ibanez 2008 cat

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