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Custom partscaster strat


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Custom built parts o caster strat clone.

WD USA made Birdseye neck. 22 fret birdseye fretboard. Back of neck oil finished. Fretboard and headstock laquered. approx 90% fretlife left. Slight wear to the headstock and discoloration to the back of the neck, but nothing that affects playability.

WD USA made alder strat body in honeyburst. Light and beautiful. Hardly any wear whatsoever.

Wilkinson vintage trem with steel block and Schaller tuners.

Dimarzio HS-2 stacked single coil pickups with coil taps (tapped mode sounds alot like texas specials, normal mode sounds alot like blackmore)

Parchment pickguard

Plays and sounds great. Lots of $ invested. The following parts priced new would cost you:

wd birdseye strat neck $400

wd alder strat body honeyburst $250

wilkinson vintage trem steel block $70

dimarzio hs-2 set (3) $180

schaller tuners $60


total $960

That's just major components, not including pots, switch, jack, neckplate, wiring, ect. I have well over $1000 into this one.


Yours for $750/offer $40 shipping insured CONUS. I have no case with the guitar, but for an extra $100 I can pick a new HSC locally to ship the guitar in. PM me for pics and other details. I can never seem to get pics to work out right on the forums.

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