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2006 Tokai Love Rock LS-90Q any interest?


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An amazing 2006 Tokai Love Rock MIJ LS-90Q in immaculate condition.


I'm not real crazy about selling this but have an opportunity to pick up an Edwards Jimmy Page. Unfortunately, finances tell me I can't afford to have 2 high end guitars (high end for me anyways)! So this one must go to make my dream guitar a reality.

I bought this new and had it sent from Japan. All paperwork, un-installed pickguard, etc. are included. Currently I have changed the tuners to Gibson Grovers (No new holes added) and the rear pickup has been changed to a Duncan Alnico II with a push pull pot installed in the volume control.

I have all original parts and can restore to original or sell as is with parts included. I was just getting ready to install JP wiring on this when I stumbled upon the opportunity to buy the JP model itself.


Comes with original gigbag. Looking for $800 shipped and paypaled CONUS or make me an offer. Obviously not interested in trades, unless of course you have a Jimmy Page.

More pics here ....



Lots of good deals on Harmony Central and The Gear Page.

Ebay user ID: uncleshish well over 500+ 100% pos. feedbacks.

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Looks like I missed out on the Edwards Jimmy Page ....


If anyone is interested I could sell for $725 by reverting to stock appointments.


This is the last time I will bump this as I can be content with keeping this one.

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