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Allparts Maple Floyd neck


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Hey folks I have a lightly used neck from Allparts see the link below.


I bought it from Dino's Guitar and Amp Service and he shaped the back to a Kramer profile if you will. The back shape is around .083 at the first fret. A thin C shape. Very nice no dings or dents, I just don't like Jumbo frets. R2 22 Jumbo frets, drilled for a top mount floyd, Schaller/Fender tuners and Tung oiled. If you have a Fender body this will bolt up without doweling (nice thing about Fenders). I had it installed on a MIM floyd rose body. Here is a link for pics http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z13/stkramer_photos/Allparts%20Neck/


185.00 shipped USPS priority w/ins with tuners. 200.00 if you want all the hardware in the pics. Paypal or USPS money orders.



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