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Super RARE DeArmond Pick-up


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hey guys check this out ,found this in a box at my dads house.....he thinks its a pickup system from the early 50's (52-56 ish) anyways he seemed to think it was an electric pick-up his brother used to use on his stand up bass....i looked all over ebay and found nothing that looked exactly like this,he said for sure its missing the bar that connects it to the bridge.it has a magnetic back on it, one pot marked USA and the "pick-up" is marked A-900-5.heres a couple pictures.some of the ones that are similar are going for a few hundred bucks.....make an offer,or trade for somthing cool


396363_Picture_052.jpg 396364_Picture_053.jpg


lemme know what you think-pete

any more info would also be greatly appreciated:thu:

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