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2 custom hollowbodies - $1300.00 each


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I have 2 custom hollowbody guitars up for sale. They should be finished in about 4 weeks. PICS of these guitars can be seen at:




They are totally hollow, no center block, and are parallel braced. 12 coats of laquer, natural finish.


They will be delivered WITHOUT ELECTRONICS, but include all of the following, and are ready to simply wire up and plug in.


Guitar #1: Caoba top and back (reddish/orange) , Chanul sides


GUITAR #2: Caoba top, Walnut back (brown), Cypress sides (blonde)


carved bridge and tail, fretboard: ebony


Neck: Caoba - joined with a classic dovetail joint and abalone heel cap.


Headstock veneer: 2 layers, Walnut (outer) and Maple (inner)


Saddles and Nut: Bone


Fret Inlays: Abalone - you can choose your design based on the 2 styles I work with.


Tuners: Gotoh mini 6 in line


Frets: Stewmac wide-low, optimal for string bending


Truss Rod: Stewmac HotRod (2 way adjustable)


Bindings: Outer: Clavallin - real wood, Inner and F-holes: white/black/white/black/white plastic. These guitars are bound everywhere! Sides, top and back.


Measurements: 24 frets, 25.5" Fender scale, Width at Nut: 1.75", Width at 24th fret: 2.25", Widest part of body: 12.9" , Narrowest part of body at waist: 9.4", Height of Body (including neck heel): 16.4". This guitar weighs approximately 4.5 lbs without electronics. The body is very ergonomic in design and comfortable to play. Thickness of the guitar (depth of body) 1.8" at the horns, 2.4" mid-body, 2.25" towards the bottom


THIS GUITAR IS SOLD WITHOUT ELECTRONICS!!! It does come with a custom-made gigbag, strap buttons and the tail has a bronze string plate, which has already been fitted and soldered with a grounding wire.


No corners were cut during the construction of these guitars, they are museum-quality, and have the greatest beauty in their details. Everything has been hand-made, carved tail and bridge, inner-kerfling, you name it!


The sound - unplugged, is beautiful. Electrified, my guitars have a beautiful, pure, natural tone to them, and dream-like sustain. Feedback is controllable with the smaller body. I play loudly out of a FENDER DELUXE and SD 59's - everything from classical, jazz, rock, reggae, funk.....this guitar can cover all the bases. If you want to see more pics or read more, please just check out EQUATOR INSTRUMENTS.


If you have any questions, just fire away!

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