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FS: 2005 Schecter C-1 Classic (3-tone Sunburst)

Metalhead Mike

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I need to sell my '05 Schecter C-1 Classic in three tone sunburst before I move at the end of this month. I've got 5 guitars, and that's way too many for me - I can't play them all and I can't house them all, so this one has to go. I'll sell it for $375, shipping included, in an original Schecter Diamond Series HSC. These retail for $750, case not included.


Neck through, (mahogany body, maple top), SD Jazz in the neck, SD JB in the bridge, string through body, TOM bridge, one five way selector, one volume, one tone. In very good shape - two small dings on the binding near the output jack on the side, one small ding about 1 inch down-right of the ferrules on the back (check the pics for these, they are circled in red), light "corrosion" or crustation of the gold plated hardware (pickup covers, tuners, volume and tone knobs). The guitar does have a bit of finish scratching. It was gigged a few times and also saw a couple of local jams with my friends, but nothing too crazy. None of the scratches or dings go through the clear coat, and none of them hamper play. You can see some smudging, but that is just from fingerprints/skin contact while I was trying to take pictures with my mom's dreadful digicam.


Guitar will be shipped in its case, in an outer box, via UPS. I need a PayPal payment to a confirmed address from a verified account, sorry. I've sent a few guitars via mail before and they've all ended up in one piece - I do my own packing jobs using UPS's materials. PM me here with any questions/concerns, or just post here, or you can send me an email if you really want - metalheadmike @ gmail.com.












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I know you said you were trying to get money but would you be interested in any trades?



No guitars or amps - it'd have to be a really spectacular pedal of some sort, if anything at all. I STRONGLY prefer cash here. I need to fund my move, as well as an upcoming car purchase for when I relocate again in the near future.

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