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Ultra rare Evans single coil pickups


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If names like Alex Lifeson, Adrian Belew, Jeff Healey, Jason Becker, and Elliot Easton ring a bell then there's a good chance you've heard Evans pickups in action. I have a vintage (mid 80s) set of Evans single coils, an Eliminator Hot Lead (bridge), and Hot Rhythms for the neck and middle. What's so special about these? HIGH OUTPUT and NO NOISE! The Hot Lead puts out 18k and the Hot Rhythms each put out 14k. They are currently loaded in a lefty Strat guard but can of course be used however you choose. Gil Namur gave me permission to use the following clip he made using these pickups. Here's what he says:


"I recorded the song Hamnjam with my Evans loaded Strat. The solo section in the middle of the song is the E1R in the neck position. The rest of the song is the E1R and E1HL in the out of phase position on the 5 position switch. Note the clarity of tone. This was recorded through a Digitech GSP2101 straight into the Maki board. No amp was used. I have received a great deal of feedback on just how clean the Strat sounds in this tune. Listen for yourself. Of course, I hope you enjoy the tune as well."


Crank this quicktime link.




Read more about these pickups on Gil's site.


Looking to get $175 shipped in the US. Paypal works as well as USPS money order.









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