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Charvel Model 5A - Artist owned


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I have the opportunity to purchase a guitar that I have been after for almost two years. So, this one has to go. This is a Black Charvel Model 5A that was owned by Tommy Bolan of Warlock and Doro Pesch fame. The guitar is 100% original, but does not come with the trem bar, it did not come with one when I got it. It really is in great shape. Of course, there are tons of pick marks on the front, but that is no biggie, this guitar has toured the world for 20 years. There are only a few small dings on the body and yes, the headstock is perfect.


More history:


Tommy Bolan sold the guitar to David Fefolt. David is most notably recognized as the vocalist for Doug Marks' band, Hawk. Doug is the creator of Metal Method. David also did the vocals for Alex Masi, a former Charvel endorsee. A real cool guitar to have. You may remember this song from Alex Masi, that is David on vocals:



$565.00 shipped in the USA only. Paypal from verified accounts. Comes with the case as seen in the pics.






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