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FS: Steinberger doubleneck bass and guitar upgraded electronics! - $800

Coma Larkin

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This is a Steinberger Spirit line doubleneck bass and guitar. Absolutely incredible design that I love, but not playing it these days and bills are a'calling.

The original pickups were OK at best, so I commissioned Peekamoose guitars to do a custom circuit for this. Here's a quick breakdown on the active EMG bass and guitar p/u's now (runs on 2 9v batteries):

The guitar circuit is: 5-way PU select Master Volume Master Presence Control (mids adjust) 0= no boost, 10 = max boost. Master Tone (passive high frequency attenuation) 10- no attenuation, 0= max attenuation

The bass Circuit is: Master Volume Pan Control (blends neck and bridge pickups like left and right on a home stereo) Roll forward for neck and rearward for bridge. Concentric EQ: Top is Treble Boost/Cut, Bottom is Bass Boost/Cut.

Two outputs, one for guitar, one for bass (or both signals come out of one jack if you don't use the 2nd one!). Dropped another $1000 into this after all of the circuit design, install, and shipping was said and done. Really is an incredible guitar now.

Shipping will be expensive, as guitar is pretty hefty. We can discuss details by PM.


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