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Ibanez for sale! No longer in production!


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I have an Ibanez ICX-220 for sale or trade. These are no longer being made and I can't find any for sale online or in stores. The guitar has some scratches on it and has a really small dent in the middle of the guitar. My mom's ex-boyfriend was really drunk and decided to play my this guitar (which was brand new at the time) and when he went to put it down, he dropped it on my amp and it broke a few strings and left a dent in the guitar. I replaced the strings, but the dent is still there. You can only see it if you look real close at the guitar.

I bought the guitar in the summer of '07 and I have hardly played it since then. This is a pretty sweet looking guitar, it is a varaition of the ibanez iceman.

The Ibanez ICX220 Iceman Electric Guitar with Infinity Pickups is super fast and extremely comfortable. The redesigned, smaller body shape is lightweight and houses a pair of versatile Infinity humbuckers for hot, edgy tone with enhanced midrange output and excellent dynamics. A Full Tune II bridge keeps your strings in check. The smooth and sleek bolt-on 3-piece maple neck has 24 frets and a rosewood fretboard.













On craigslist the price is $200, but for you guys I'll give it to you for SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for looking!

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