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FT J Nunis Les Paul #31 '59


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boutique at its best. #31 with papers, $4500 list price (tedspromusic). i've got more pics if you're interested. I'd really like a SC PRS (ideally a 245, 250) or a McCarty. PM for more pictures, or i'll bump it once a day with a pic.

Got this in a trade, but am missing my PRS.

This one is a custom and (through some phone calls) was Jim's show guitar (the one he brought to stores to promote his line). Is basically a '59 Les Paul, handmade with light relic on the finish. looks really nice, plays well, the neck is sanded and the pickups sound SOOOO sweet. Near Mint condition with original hard case (no dings, a SLIGHT rash on the back side cant get a photo of it).


EDIT: the specs:

Set Neck; w/Cutaway Knuckle Scoop for easy upper fret access, 24 3/4"scale; 22 frets; 12" radius


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more pics available here: http://s155.photobucket.com/albums/s317/this1smyne/Nunis/



aight, some questions:

The newer ones ARE selling cheaper, b/c Jim is no longer making them, his friends who carried on the business are. its almost like Matchless sampson era amps. This one was Jim's personal guitar (i talked to Teds Pro Music and they bought it off him when he ran out of available stock. it was literally the guitar that he brought in to show off the line) and the pic of mine is still up on teds with the list price as quoted. http://www.tedspromusic.com/products/pro-audio-details.asp?p=25

also the vintaged '59 ones have been selling considerably more than $2K, there was one on the LP forums that sold last year for $3800


just letting ya'll know where i got my info from. I am aware that pedalgeek has them for sale for less. The Pedalgeek.com ones are the standard model just in different colors, not the customs (like LP studio's verses customs, or PRS SE's compared to a custom 22) and there is an expected price differential between a guitar hand built by the dead guy who's name is on the business and the new factory models that get churned out by his buddies who have their foot in on a good business.


Keep the PM's coming and thanks for your interest!

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i'm looking mainly to TRADE this guitar, not sell it. anything interesting in teh vein of Tele's, Les Pauls, PRS, or amps i'm down with. you might be surprised at what i would take.


PRICE DROP TO $1850 including shipping paypal if you want to buy it. the inlays on the neck are perloid, not just white. they look really nice in person.... i'll try and get some better pics.

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