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Ibanez Iceman X with Emg 81/85

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I got this Ibanez Iceman X in a trade a few months ago, and she's quite the player. Asking $300 Shipped OBO

Also F/T


She's in good condition (8/10) with some minor player's wear (minor belt rash, light scuffing), and a ding in between the volume and tone pots.


She's got active EMG pickups, giving her a supper smooth, glassy clean sound. When used with a bit of overdrive, she's got some nice crunch, and when really pushed with distortion she screams.

The neck is similar to the current necks on the Iceman, but a litter smaller radius, with a nice curve. Think the Ibanez Wizard II neck, but less flat all around.

She stays in tune surprisingly well, I have her down-tuned one and a half steps, and the strings keep their tension.

I don't have an exact weight (no scale), but she's significantly lighter than my Les Paul, at about the same weight as my SG Faded (also with EMG's, modded to 18 volts power).


She's a blast to play, but I'm looking for something a little different on my quest for the perfect rig.


I'm completely open to all trades (guitar related) and I have cash if you're guitar is worth more.

I'm mainly interested in guitars with Humbuckers and Tremolos, but will trade for the right single coil equipped axe, and fixed bridge axe, if they catch my eye.

Like I said, I'm not looking for anything too specific, so hit me with whatever cool stuff you have.


My phone number is


Call anytime, or pm me and I'll get back to you within the day.


I have a good trade on here with ph0nage, though he didn't credit me. :thu:

i can take more pics if you need 'em, but I have to borrow a camera so it might be a day or two before they become available.




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