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FS: Fender Strat Plus. 1987 (1st Year of Production). Rare


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Selling my first real guitar ever. :cry: I am the original owner and bought this back in 86/87. This is the 1st year run of the Stratocaster Plus model. I believe this is also the 1st year that Fender resumed production in their California, USA factory. The guitar is in good condition for it's age and has basically sat in it's case for the last 10 years or so. It is finished in a rare Fiesta Red. The decal on the front is removable. I thought it looked cool. :lol: :LOL:


You'll notice there are a couple of small changes. In the foolishness of my youth, I replaced the original pickguard with a pearl white (genuine Fender replacement) pickguard and the bridge Lace Sensor with a Duncan JB humbucker. I do, however, have the original pickguard which I will include with the sale. I can not, unfortunately, find the original bridge lace sensor, but you can find them all day long on Ebay for not a lot of money if you wish to restore this guitar back to 100% original. The original hardshell case also included.


I chose this guitar over about a half dozen other Strat Pluses in the store because to me it clearly had the nicest feeling neck and playability. This is a great sounding and playing guitar and I will miss it. I am asking $750 shipped and paypaled, obo. I would also consider partial trades but would need to clear at least $500 in cash.







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