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Matt Howell

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Yamaha SASII Semi Hollow Made in Japan, and ONLY available in the Japanese Market. It is more like a Gibson 336 smaller body than a full sized 335. A little bigger than a Les Paul, but still has that semi hollow fatness.


This is the only 1 I have ever seen, and they were made from 1988-1991. The serial # is SAY100, perhaps the prototype, or the first one made.


This thing is SUPER clean, and all original Gotoh Hardware.


Changed out the pickups to a an old Dimarzio PAF in the bridge and a Duncan Designed pickup that sounds like '59. The bridge measures 8.00, and the neck 7.49 on my Fluke Meter. I picked these for a more vintage flavor. These originally had EMG Select pickups which were awful. The tone knob is a push type for coil taps on both humbuckers. It is stock, and came from the factory that way.


The frets have been professionally levelled and polished by Sofa City Guitars in Davenport Iowa (Jim Hansell). Plays unbelievable.


There is some pitting in the gold hardware, and very light pick scratches, that are almost impossible to see. This guitar sat in a closet for many years, and saw little use. The person bought it new while in Japan.


850.00 Shipped and Paypalled CONUS. Paypal Gift preferred, or you pay the 3%. No overseas, or out of country. Trades considered for Landgraff pedals, or Looper pedals. Others considered, let me know what you have. I mostly play metal, so keep that in mind for trade offers.









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