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FT: Upgraded PRS CE-22 w/ Black Flametop


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The guitar is the Mahogany/Maple version. It's got a fair share of dings on the body, nothing major (most aren't dings in the sense that you can feel an impression in the wood, just a milky white discoloration of the clear top). There's a few on the back, but most are along the edge of the top, only two on the actual face of the guitar, by the volume control.


The neck (not the board) also has some indents on the back between where the 5th and 7th fret would be, on the treble side. They were all there when I got the guitar, but it's been babied since. Since the marks are on the treble side, they don't affect the playability at all. It's definitely a player's guitar, but sounds amazing, and plays great.


I've upgraded the bridge pickup to a Duncan Custom Shop El Diablo, and the Dragon II is still in the neck, I'll also include the old Dragon II bridge. The Dragon II was a nice sounding pickup in the bridge, but it made everything sound too "Classic Rock," the Diablo can do anything up to the heaviest of heavy.


Aside from the cosmetic flaws, there's nothing wrong with it, she plays and sounds fantastic! This has been my main guitar ever since I got it, but I've always had Mahogany guitars with Maple tops, and I'd like to try something different.







(smudges are just... well... smudges, they can and will be cleaned up, before the guitar is shipped)










Please keep in mind, I took these pictures to display the cosmetic flaws of the guitar. The dings don't look nearly as bad in person. I'm super anal about cosmetics on my guitars (so much so that I sold, arguably the best sounding and playing guitar I've ever laid my hands on, because it had 3 small chips on the edge), and this guitar has never made me feel uncomfortable about owning it. Not until you get a foot away from the guitar, do you even see the two dings on the front, and the rest are pretty indistinguishable unless you're looking for them.



Guitars I'm most interested in:


Older Jackson USA

Ibanez USA Custom/Exotic/JEM (please, no RG/S Prestiges, unless you're adding cash)

USA Charvel San Dimas




Not interested in Strats, please, just do not offer them. I'm really open to anything though, so if your guitar isn't listed, don't hesitate to ask!


Will accept guitars + cash, or straight trades. I really can't add any cash, unless it's totally worth it (though I could add pedals/other trades).


Trade value ~$1000.

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Thought I had this traded for an EBMM JP6, but waited around for a month for the guy to ship his guitar out and then he just stopped emailing me back.


I've got some really awesome guitars now, so I'm going to be very picky about trades. I'd really like a Music Man Axis, the one with the Floyd, but I'll consider anything, as long as it's not made out of Mahogany.

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