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PRS SE Custom Semihollow with McCarty pickups/switching


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Another one up for sale - this is a PRS SE Custom Semihollow in Blue Matteo, with every-upgrade-but-the-kitchen-sink thrown in. The basic guitar from the factory is pretty solid as-is, but some folks just aren't all that crazy about the electronics. Problem solved here - this one has US pickups and electronics already installed. The pickups are from a McCarty, and the pots and switch are US upgrades as well - the tone pot is a push-pull pot that splits the coils on both pickups.


(Story behind the upgrades - this one was upgraded in Maryland at the PTC, but with a different set of US pickups - and I'm keeping those!)


Oh yeah - a US Paul Reed Smith hardshell case is included, too! Finally, I've also thrown in a Wilkenson adjustable stoptail that lets you adjust the intonation individually on the G/B strings - but honestly, it's totally unnecessary as the stock stoptail intonates just fine.


Really nice flametop on this one. It's clean, but not perfect - there's one chip on the top edge. Frets are in nearly unplayed condition. Hardshell case functions perfectly, but has some roadwear. Lots of closeups in the Picasa gallery link below that show pretty much every inch of the guitar - check them out!


Gallery link - https://picasaweb.google.com/barryj61/SESemihollow#


$525 shipped to your door in the lower 48 - might trade UP, as I now have a decent chunk of cash I can add to this. (guitars only - no amps!)

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Lets make things interesting - I now have some cash to spare, so I'd be interested in trading up with this guitar as part of the deal. Guitars only (no amps - I'm all set there) - and probably no strats and no shredders (might make an exception for a Charvel Pro mod SoCal). Surprise me!

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