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RARE: Ibanez USA Custom Maple Fretboard / Dimarzio Pickups / SNAKESKIN finish w/HSC


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Like the title says...

Up for grabs is my Ibanez USA Custom in rare Snakeskin finish. As you can see from the photos the guitar is in VERY good condition. I am putting this up as a feeler because I really am afraid to play this damn thing. It plays amazing, the pickups sound great but for whatever reason, I'm scared to ruin the finish so basically, it sits in the case. I would rate the condition overall to be a 8.5-9.0. Considering it's age, the guitar is very clean and has maybe 3 very small marks. No real dents/dings etc.. just rub mark in 1-2 spots. It is really in excellent condition. There is one finish crack due to the light clear and nature of the laminate used on these bodies. Unfortunately, everyone I have seen does this much like checking on older les pauls with certain finishes.


To my knowledge all 3 pickups are Dimarzio's, the Bridge Reads 13.74 so I am assuming its a Super Distortion. Ibanez Edge tremolo as well I believe. (I am not an Iby guy, just LOVED this graphics, it's amazing)


The factory tremolo bar is included and fits snug. Also included is the manual, some spare parts and tools IE Truss rod tool/allen key's / extra spring etc.



As for what I am asking, well, make some offers... Tube Heads named Marshall, especially modified get my blood pumping, maybe some Kramer Action IE Nightswan, Stagemasters etc..


Make me a reasonable offer shipped and you may well get it. Now for the good part.












As for trades? Cash is king but if you have something sweet in the shred realm IE Kramer Americans / Marshall 800's/Plexi's modded etc + some cash try me.

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