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FS: Square heel RG550 w/maple FB


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I have a Blue (laser blue? heather blue?) RG550 with maple fretboard for sale. Loaded with Dimarzio Crunchlab in the bridge and SD Distortion (n) in the neck. Original Edge trem. Its actually in pretty good shape...wear on the frets...some dings (no wood).


$299 plus $25 shipping.



Maple board.

Good PuPs

Edge Trem



Needs a proper set-up. I tried shimming the neck (according to Jemsite almost all old bolt-ons need a shim to get super low action)...I think the shim I used is too thick. The neck angle looks good...string action just not as low as I wanted.

My soldering skills suck and the bridge PuP wire has become disconnected.

There is a little seperation of the fretboard on the low E side on the first 3 frets. You can see it...but it doesn't effect playability. PO stated that its been there for years. Played fine for me so I didn't mess with it...


I'm probably overstating some things...but I'd rather be upfront.




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Get his address. I live in the area, and will be more than happy to visit this person and collect. It would be my pleasure.


Thanks Hardvalve , check out the thread going by the man who was ripped off.


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