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Ibanez RX-60 (MIK) - $150 or TRADE


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Good-condition Korean-made Ibanez RX 60 in a cream finish. Maple neck/fretboard, tortoise-shell pickguard.


Humbucker in the bridge, two single coils in the middle and neck.


Medium-low action, about 1/8" on the bass side, slightly lower on the treble side.

Has plenty of room in the saddles for lower action. Previous owner just liked it this way.


Has a few scuffs, no breaks, cracks or damage. Input jack needs re-soldering (as is the case

with most of these guitars; I've seen plenty with the same issue. A simple fix).


No case; sold as-is. $125 (or best offer) OR I will trade for the following effects:

(maybe even trade, maybe you add some cash; I am not looking for anything

worth more than the guitar.)


Holy Grail reverb (original or Nano, but not the "Holiest"; I don't need all the extra features)


A good-quality phaser


An OVERDRIVE pedal (or maybe a DS-1 distortion)


A harmonizer pedal (like the BOSS Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer or something similar)


Will also consider trades for Squier Telecasters, Tele copies... maybe even a good pair of western boots!


Make me a trade offer! I will let this good guitar go for MUCH less than it's worth

if I get one cool item in trade - the right $25-50 pedal or cheap guitar might do it!

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