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81 Magnum Pro $1000 shipped


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Beautiful and very rare Magnum Pro Deluxe guitar. This guitar has more tones than you'll ever need. If my math is right there are more than 98 total tones between the 3 way switch, the three mini toggles, the preamp switch and the 6 way Varitone control. The mini toggles control the preamp (on/off), 2 coil splitters and an out of phase switch. You can spend all day just flipping switches and getting different tones. Ever played a 10.2 lb dual humbucker Tele or Strat? Now you can! All mahogany body with 7 ply binding that is in excellent shape all around. What looks like worming on back is really only visual, you can't really feel it. It's like the clear is lifting off, not dings or damage. There are some dings on the tip of the headstock and 3 on the back of the neck. The bridge and tailpiece are pieces of art! As stunning to look at as this guitar is, the star of the show is the Maxxon V2 humbuckers. Paired with the Varitone control, the preamp and the other switches you're in Heaven! The Magnum Pro logo on the headstock is MOP and looks great. Research on the internet never really turned up much on this model other than a gentleman on a Japanese Guitar Forum who got his new in the box in 81 at a friend's music store in Queens NY as a mistaken shipment from Ibanez. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Here's a couple and a link to many more.













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This thread is 9 years old, but wondering if this guitar is still out there?  Does the purchaser still have it?  Interested in selling? I have an exact copy of this guitar except in black.  Looking to buy it a sibling!  Ping me @ baril77@yahoo.com if there's interest!

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