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Dean Exotiglass TBL, transparent blue flame top and fiberglass back, w/gig bag

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I have a Dean Exotiglass TBL electric/acoustic that I'd like to sell.














I'm selling this for a younger cousin who'd like to buy an electric, as this guitar is way too big for him to get his arms around comfortably.


As you can see above, this guitar has kind of an Ovation thing going on with the fiberglass back. Despite what you might think, it sounds pretty nice unplugged, but it's obviously not going to blow away that pedigreed Taylor/Martin/whatever. If you need to play it amped up, you can do that as well, and that may be this guitar's forte. It's got an under-bridge pickup and an onboard preamp with bass, mid, treble, and presence controls.


The neck has a medium-low action in the first seven frets or so and gets a little high by my standards around the twelfth, but it's not unplayably so. There's room to go lower, as the saddle's never been modified and there aren't any buzzes anywhere. A good setup would make this a fine player. The neck's got a truss rod for further fine-tuning if necessary.


Condition-wise, there's a lot of fine scratches on the top, but there's no horrendous gouges or stuff that goes down to the wood. There's a scuff or two on the back. I've indicated the worst one in the picture above. It's been used, but despite what its previous ownership might indicate, it's not been abused. :D


In short, if you need a nice, basic acoustic and don't want to break the bank, this may be the guitar for you.


So far as pricing goes, I'll start at $200 and go from there. I'm open to reasonable offers. You'll get a new set of strings, any necessary cleaning, and a backpack-style soft gig bag in the deal. As the guitar lacks a hard case, I will not ship this without a double-boxing unless you specifically request it. I prefer to use FedEx as my carrier, as the shop I have my custom boxes done at uses them as their shipper, but will use another carrier if need be.


Please email me at hacked DOT by DOT chineseHC AT gmail DOT com with questions/offers, or PM me here.


Thanks for your interest!

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