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1994 Seagull Spruce Plus & 1996 Seagull S6 CW Acoustic Guitars for Sale


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SOLID TOP Seagull and Simon & Patrick Guitars for SALE!


1) Great sounding, older (1994) Seagull S6 cutaway model with a solid Cedar top and wild cherry back/sides. These older Seagulls are well known for their awesome projection and tone. This one is in great shape. It had a pickup installed in the soundhole at one point. There is a hole to accommodate the pickup's 1/4" jack in the bottom of the guitar. I have just never gotten around to re-installing a pickup. Otherwise the guitar is in good condition, some minor dings and scratches on the body, but no major cracks or damage noted. $295 shipped w/ case.


2) I also have a 1996 Seagull Spruce Plus model, with a solid spruce top. Excellent condition--looks like new. Great sound--very good projection and tone. Asking $295 shipped w/ case for it.


3) I have a Seagull 25th anniversary Spruce/Mahogany for sale as well. This is an all solid woods guitar, with solid spruce top and solid mahogany back/sides. The top, back, and sides have a gloss finish. There are some cracks in the finish on the top, but none go through or into wood. If you can handle the cosmetics, its a great player and sounds fantastic. A step up from a typical S6, for sure. $320 shipped w/ gig bag.


Email me for pictures! mrlutton@gmail.com


Cash only; will combine two or more to make a deal.

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