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FS/FT: Taylor 422 - Rare 90's Model - Beautiful Maple!

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This has been my main acoustic for almost 4 years now. After acquiring I sold my two handmade multi-thousand dollar acoustic guitars because this one just felt and sounded better to me. I am the second owner of the 422. I bought it in Washington state from a guy who actually travelled all the way to Wildwood Music in 1995 and hand-picked this out of their entire selection of acoustics because he felt it sounded best. He even kept a tourist map of the town with Wildwood circled, pretty cool.

From what I understand the 422 line was short-lived in the 90's and I haven't seen a 422 with quilted maple back and sides for awhile. They made them with maple, mahogany, and rosewood and the maple versions seem the least likely to pop up. This guy has an ebony fretboard, string through bridge, spruce top, maple back and sides, and grover tuners. The guitar itself is in pretty great condition aside from a couple minor dings on the front and a small scratch on the back that were there when I got it. I've played this guitar just about every day in the past 4 years I've owned it and have tried to take excellent care of it.

Includes a VERY nice Taylor hardshell case, all the paperwork, and even the map!

Asking Price: $1500



















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I bought my 422 in 1993 new. It's is virtually  Inmint condition and when not in use is in its original "seasoned" Taylor Case with the D'Addario (Boveda) Humidipak humidity control system. Great sound and playability and extremely beautiful quilted maple.  Retrofitted with Fishman Blender.

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