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JSX trade for??


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I loved this head when I got it a couple months ago...just seems the more I play and tweak with it, I can't find the tones I'm looking for.


I'd like to maybe trade for a Stiletto(any series or watts), Laney VH100R, JCM800, Rectoverb... 5150 II


Would trade plus cash for Blackmore, anything Orange or Splawn.


Or likewise, would trade down for a Carvin Legacy or Laney GH series + cash.

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Hey whats up??? my name is vincent, i just found ur ad, and i'm interested... i have a peavey classic 100 !!! (very rare) and it has 8 power tubes, 3 pre amp tubes......... this is a cross betwen a fender twin, and marshall.............. i dont know about a trade??? but what type of cash r

u looking for?? please let me know, u can reach me at either:


718-351-1937,,or 347-729-6072 or,, my e-mail address is:

loveandtenderness101@yahoo.com i prefer to talk directly though.....


ps do u still have the lefty strat too?? (i'm also a lefty ) send me some pics of the amp and guitar if u have .....


thank u

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