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Marshall JMP 2203 Markll 100 watt tube head 800.00


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Hi Marshall Fans.


With regret i have my 100 watt Marshall JMP Head for sale...

If you know anything about these amps then i dont need to write a load of speal about how good it sounds and ROCKS!!


Basically its an early JCM 800 head but the 800 series came after the JMP's!


If your into your Back in Black ''AC-DC'' - Black Flag to Chili peppers - Black sabath to name a few then this is the beast for you!


Also GREAT for blues which i used it for after splitting with my ex band members!


Its in good condition but not mint! its been gigged but works as good as when it left the factory! it has been re-valved and seviced in Nottingham and has been looked after since i purchased it over a year and a half ago.


Tolex has a few scuffs but no big tears...


Reason for sale is because i need the money! Typical muscian trying to make a living story!


Anyway i also have a brand new 4x12 1960AX Angled Cab with Celestion Greenback Speakers fitted if anyone is interested? Its never left my house...Both seperate items or will sell both together for the right price.


Head is a real bargain at

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Hmmmm....first post?

No Pics?

Interesting use of the colloquial English?


Is it....SuperScam?


With only a Western Uniion Moneygram, you TOO can have the promise of this amp, without the hassle of ACTUALLY recieving it!


Imagine...all the promise of the tone of a classic amplifier, without the expense of tubes, the weight of iron transformers, or the lame tones of modeling software!


It's a fraud...it's a con...it's SUPERSCAM!!!

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